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Meet The Smileworks Office

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Hello, and welcome to our dental practice. Our very reason for being here is to provide you with superior dental care in a setting where you can feel at ease. It is our goal to establish a relationship with our patients to a level where they feel comfortable talking about any dental issues they may have. We at Smileworks, truly believe in teamwork. We want to include our patients in every aspect of their care overall health.

You can expect us to listen to your concerns, educate you in dental health, and recommend treatment that we would recommend for ourselves. We strive hard every day to make your dental visit with us as enjoyable as possible. We welcome you to come and be a part of our TEAM!

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Dr. Daron Lind

I am an Idaho native and have been practicing dentistry in the Treasure Valley since 2008. I have been happily married to my wife, Jaimie, for 14 yrs. Together we have two daughters ages 5 and 9. I’m proud and excited to be part of the Smileworks team. Besides Dentistry, I love the quality of life that living in the Treasure Valley provides. I enjoy it’s parks, rivers, mountains and the family life the area has to offer. I particularly enjoy fishing and mountain biking.

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I want to be your favorite dentist ever! I enjoy getting to know my patients, so that I can better understand their specific needs and develop treatment plans that are realistic, prioritized and affordable for them. I am passionate about my patients and having a positive impact on their lives by delivering high quality, comfortable patient centered care. I enjoy treating patients of all ages and backgrounds. One of my major goals is to focus on prevention and control of oral disease (i.e. cavities, gum disease). As a general dentist I enjoy being able to provide comprehensive care such as Oral Surgery, Root Canals, Fillings, Dentures, Crowns, Implants, Bridges and Veneers. It is really satisfying to be able to use my skills to help my patients improve their smiles, maintain their quality of life and overall health, relieve their pain and see their self-confidence flourish.


Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) from the University of Southern California in 2008

B.A in Business Administration from the University of Nevada Reno in 1999

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As a native of Idaho I grew up in the Treasure Valley and obtained my Dental Hygiene Degree in 2001 at the American Institute of Health Technology in Boise. I am married and have three grown daughters. I have been working as a dental hygienist at Smileworks since 2005. Through the nearly 11 years at this practice I have gotten to know you and your families and feel like you have included me in countless weddings, pregnancies, graduations, retirements and the passing of loved ones. This has been a very rewarding experience and I would like to thank you for entrusting me in caring for you and your family’s oral hygiene needs.

Aside from my work in the dental office I also serve as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization that my husband, Sheriff Kieran Donahue and I started in 2012. The program is a public awareness campaign on the issue of domestic violence. It is called the Man Up Crusade and we bring purple day/night into professional rodeo. The color purple and the purple ribbon is the color of choice for domestic violence victims and survivors. This year, rodeos in seven western states held a Man Up Crusade purple event helping raise over $20,000 for domestic violence shelters in their local community.

When not at work we like to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy horseback riding in the mountains and working cattle on the family’s ranch in Mackay, Idaho. I also show horses in American Quarter Horse Association Shows.

Over the past nine years I have seen several changes here at Smileworks but I am most excited about our recent addition of Dr. Lind to the practice. Dr. Lind shares my views on how important dental care is for our patients. He treats each patient individually and puts his or her needs first. Dr. Lind is certain to provide a warm welcome to you and your family and has excellent communication skills. I am confident he will be able to answer any questions you have.

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My passion has always been in the dental field. Before attending Dental Hygiene School, I had graduated from the BSU Dental Assisting Program where I was an assistant for 5 years. I recently graduated as a Dental Hygienist from Carrington College Boise in April of 2015 and have been a part of the Smileworks Team since the fall of 2015. Educating and helping each one of my patients to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle for their oral health care is the best part of being a Dental Hygienist!

I was born and raised on a farm South Nampa, where my family raises and shows pigs. For the last 24 years I have been involved in the 4-H Youth Development Program, both as a member and volunteer leader. Spending time with my son and family is most important to me. As avid sports fans, my son keeps me busy attending many of his sporting events, where he plays baseball, basketball and football. I also enjoy watching and attending many baseball and football games and am HUGE fan of the New York Yankees!

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As the office manager, my role is to ensure your experience while in our care, is of the highest quality. From the moment you schedule your appointment to the time you check out I want you to feel and know how much we respect and value your time and oral health. There are many dental offices here in the neighborhood but we want to stand out as the ONE that you return to with your family and friends because Dr. Lind and his team truly care about you.

Outside of the office I spend most of my time shuttling our girls around to and from dance, gym and soccer activities. Before I had children I was an elementary teacher and literacy specialist so I still try to get my “teacher fix” by volunteering in their classrooms as often as possible.

I have been blessed with Dr. Lind in my life for 20 years and can tell you without a doubt he is the kindest most patient and easygoing dentist in town. I invite you to come in and see for yourself the pride he takes in creating a treatment plan that is specifically designed with your needs in mind.

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I have close to 10 years of experience in the dental field. I graduated from Boise State University in 2006 with a Dental Assisting Certificate and Associates in Health Science. After graduating I worked as a dental assistant for 5 years and have worked at the front office ever since. I love everything about the dental field and what I do. I love explaining any clinical or insurance questions our patients may have to the best of my knowledge. I have a very bubbly personality. I also moved to Boise with my family from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1999 and have lived here ever since. This definitely is home, but I do like to go back and visit every few years.

I enjoy going to the gym and training. It is definitely my passion and it gives me energy and most importantly keeps me healthy. I enjoy outdoors, hiking, camping and just about anything that involves being active. I do enjoy having one lazy day a week, watching movies all day, prepping food for the week and just taking it easy. My Boxer ( Rosie) is my little furry kid and is always there to greet me and get hair all over me. But most importantly she is a big part of my life.

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8 COMMON COSMETIC DENTAL PROBLEMS FOUND AT SMILEWORKS DENTAL IN BOISE IDAHO - Common dental problems we encounter and their solutions include: Cavities or Plaque/ Tartar Build-up. Cavities and plaque/tartar build-up not only threaten the health of teeth and gums, but they can also have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile. To get rid of harmful bacteria, Dr. Lind uses advanced hygiene and periotherapy. Crooked Teeth Misaligned teeth can cause you to be self-conscious about your smile. And many patients do not realize that crooked teeth can cause a myriad of dental health problems, too. If the position of your teeth does not present any potential harm, you might consider porcelain veneers or tooth bonding. Short or Long Teeth Dr. Lind can perform tooth recontouring, a cosmetic dentistry treatment that allows him to reshape enamel to fit exact specifications. Tooth bonding can be used to build-up teeth that are too small. Yellow Teeth and Staining Yellowing of the teeth happens to almost everyone as time goes by. Luckily, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, or tooth whitening treatments can take your smile from dull to dynamic in one to two visits. Mercury and Amalgam Fillings The Boise Idaho office of Dr. Lind is proud to be a metal-free dental practice, offering advanced tooth-colored materials for ultimate safety, comfort, longevity, and beauty. Tooth Gaps or Missing Teeth The tooth bonding procedure is an easy way to fill in spaces between teeth. For patients with missing teeth, dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures are all great options. Cracks or Chips To fix small imperfections, Dr. Lind offers dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and tooth recontouring. Dental crowns may be a smart solution for people with structural tooth damage. Excess Gum Tissue Gum recontouring and tooth recontouring are very effective for improving the look of gummy smiles and elongating the appearance of each tooth.

Meridian Dentist. Daron Lind provides Family Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentures, Emergency Dentist, Dental Implants, Root Canal, Veneers to the following locations: Boise, West Boise, Nampa, Boise Dentist providing professional dentistry including family Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentures, Emergency Dentist, Dental Implants, Root Canal, Vaneers in Meridian, Boise, West Boise, West Boise, Nampa, ldaho